My first born

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This past week, my first born daughter celebrated her 21st birthday. I guess it was a family celebration, as I am her mother and her sisters were very happy to see her and to share her birthday festivities.  

It’s been 21 years since the first time I saw her beautiful face. I remember her face as if it were yesterday. At 7lbs 1oz, her skin was the shade of lite cocoa. She had thick curly black hair and a skin level mole on her check. The mole is still there.  I named her Chadama, a name that I had picked before her birth. When I laid eyes on her, I changed my mind about that name. I wanted to name her: Beautiful, Lovely, or Precious. Chadama just didn’t seem to fit how much of a miracle of life she represented. I had never felt so happy and sad and amazed. 21 years later I still feel the depth of love as if it were my first time seeing her.

Over the years, we have had many up’s and a few downs. I see my life with her has a wonderful adventure. Each year bringing a new gift and a new way of being with her. Here’s to 21++++ more years!


this Friday Feb 28, 2014 is CRAFTY FRIDA

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this Friday Feb 28, 2014 is CRAFTY FRIDAY it’s free and Open to children 5 and older. All materials provided. 3:30pm – 5:00pm FREE FREE San Francisco Public Library @ 300 Bartlett Street.

As I see the inner workings of HR, I’m

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As I see the inner workings of HR, I’m left wondering: How many jobs posted by companies are intended to be filled or filled by people outside of the posters’ personal network? It is seriously daunting.

I’m interested in your experience, both

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I’m interested in your experience, both +/- regarding your stay on the East Coast of the US. If you have lived through an entire year or more on the East Coast, please share 2 or 3 things you loved and why, and 2 or 3 things that does not work, and why. Thank you so much.

Money lost, fiath found

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November 4, 2013: Today i went to the bank to get my rent out, on the bus I had to take a taxi from market and Castro to the girls school so i wouldn’t be late AGAIN…anywho, after stopping by my moms, i got to Safeway to get my money orders, and my rent money was gone. I lost $XXX. Unlike most of you, we’re living pay check to pay check. no husband and no BD doing much for us. this was/is a blow. I called a friend instead of reaching for something to not feel so upset. I didn’t call for money, I needed an ear. She drove to my apt this evening and brought me $xxx. God’s love should show thru your actions not your words. I’ll NEVER forget her kindness. feeling grateful and freakin upset.


November 5, 2013

I went to bed almost resolved about the lost money. What I know in my heart is that I believed it was lost for someone who needed it more than I. what I didn’t anticipate was the true lesson.  I have tears in my eyes. The power of God will not take you where his grace won’t keep you. I use God because most of you are familiar, but yesterday my 7 yr kneeled in front of our Gohozon without me, and chanted b4 we left the house.  And I know about belief, but faith comes and goes. At least it has until now.

This morning I went to button the top pocket of my coat, a pocket I NEVER USE, and my rent $$$ was sitting there quietly while I watch my LOVING HIGHER POWER show me that I need NOT WORRY ABOUT NOTHING! A lesson in Faith! If you have none, you’re not paying attention…!

Do you know of any ted talks that are ce

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Do you know of any ted talks that are centered around work life balance? parenting? If so please post the link on my page. thank you

Good News – CALL TO ACTION The basic fra

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The basic frame: I’m working to create a project that will serve families that are headed by low-income, disadvantaged, and/or a single parent(s). How this will be achieved is by providing weekend overnight camps for the children in these homes.
Purpose: to provide space for parents, who otherwise have no other resources, to have time for themselves outside of parent/employee role.
Organization info: I am working to form a California nonprofit public benefit corporation.
This will NOT be childcare or babysitting, each weekend will have a planned adventure.
*** I am looking to schedule informational interviews with leaders in the nonprofit world and/or people who have passion and experience working with children in leadership/planning roles.***
If you know anyone, please inbox me there information. Thank you.
This is so exciting and we are going to have a ton of fun.

My Inspiration!

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My Inspiration!

me and 2/3 of my crew.

If you know anyone or an agency that doe

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If you know anyone or an agency that does pro-bono work in any of the following areas, please inbox me: filing applications for IRC 501(c)(3), writing/editing governing documents for nonprofit corporations.

It’s about time

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20 years ago, I didn’t know at the time that I was preparing for this huge step. As I ask for assistance and people say of course I’ll help, my stomach turns with anxiety and excitement. There is a community of parents who make things happen because they have to. These parents are without significant support and means. I hear and am experiencing the call. DID I SAY THAT I AM EXCITED about what is to come? Stay tuned, and thanks for liking and following my blog.