Sept 29th

9:27pm and both little ones are sleeping. they proudly completed their homework, and I patiently and proudly assisted. I read to one then paused and guided the other with tally marks. There were a ton of tally marks in this assignment.  I created spaghetti with butter, whole corn, lemon pepper, and salt for dinner, and they loved it.  With only my income supporting the 4 of us, and one more full day until pay day, we are STRAPPED for food. Tomorrows dinner will be interesting.

My teen is in her room on the phone and she wants to leave school 6 weeks into her first semester. I’ve said her entire life that I will support anything, except a choice to do NOTHING. Give me your plan, and I’ll help you get there.  I am surprisingly NOT shocked that I have EVERY intention to NOT support an adult child that doesn’t want to assist in her own support.



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