Sept 30-TIRED

In keeping my Blog public, I will not reveal my children’s names, but I feel that it is time for formal introductions.

My little baby, this morning she said, “When I was little, and you pushed me in the stroller, I saw a chicken and I was scared of it” Really? I thought to myself. Her stories are about 2 things: when she was little (she’s only about 3.5 ft tall), and how in love she is.

My second born, Oh boy, she used to cry so much that I had to constantly say, “I love you”. at 6yrs old, she can sound out most words she hears spelled. her appetite is as large as mine. lol her and I share birth order, so when I want to show connection with her, I use two fingers and tap them on my shoulder saying Second born. This ALWAYS brings a smile to her face.

My teenager, she is very helpful, but if asked for assistance, she’ll resist. she looooves sugar, like her mom.  When I look at her, it is unbelievable how big she is. I miss holding her as a small child. Oh when she tells stories, they are long stories. she doesn’t miss a single detail.

Then there’s the mom, single, and have been for the past 4 yrs. I have a full time job, and I hardly ever have a moment to myself. This is because I have not asked for help. Today I’m asking for assistance with childcare, and I feel guilty most times if I’m needing some time alone. I do 95% of the lives for all of us alone, but I’m finding that I need to do less than that. From my experience and desire for my children to be well loved, and me a balanced life, my desire to live alone and be alone, are diminishing.



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