Love and other things

Many things have happen since my last post. Sometimes I think that there is so much to write that I stop myself before I get started.

After school programs: my 2nd born attended here first, and I was met almost daily with complaints. My girl is a cryer. Since she was a baby this kids primary expression is to cry. So we worked with that,and during the summer I was put on notice that if the crying started, I’d have to pick her up early.

When my little one started this semester, something different came out of her that had never been present before. She was physically expressive in a way that was borderline violent. KB has been in school since she was 6wks old, and I have never gotten a complaint about this. Not even once. It’s only been 7wks of school, and I was told that she or her sister would be suspended.

I removed my children the next day. I wonder about the frustration of an adult with children that are not their own. How can one come back to care and love? Is that ever present? Many times I could see the exhaustion on the staffs face when it came to the crying. And I related to that because my kid cries a lot. But I could not relate to the physical behavior because NO in my girls lives have ever said that about them.

Because I can be biased 🙂 I asked my coworker who kept my girls for a weekend how was her experience with my girls, and like my sister, V was surprised to hear what was going on at the after school program.

My experience with each of my girls, is that everything is great until others enter their lives. Meaning once they start school, of course what’s ok at home sometimes doesn’t work at school. So we get the talking to’s and suggestions. Which is expected.

I love my children, and if I see them as being people in this world that are disrespectful and disruptive, I will do all I can to help them, AND if others are giving them that I will do all I can to protect them.



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