I’m sitting here looking through pictures on others Facebook profile, and some people have been friends for a really long time. It makes me think about the people I choose to be with growing up, or those who were chosen for me.

As a 38 year old single woman, I long for companionship. I love being with my children, but there is a different vibe, and there should be, in the company of another adult (male or female). There’s a feeling of freedom, where I don’t have to explain or watch my tongue (that much).

I’m not living in a world of regrets, but in a place of real need. The community I seek is looking for me. All I have to do is listen for them, and be available when they arrive.

My daddy told me last night, that I never tell anybody everything about my personal business unless they are family, and even then, you hold back a little.

I’d like to believe that although one person will not know everything, there is nothing untold about my life. I see no reason to die with secrets.

So this brings me back to my (ill claim you now) friends who are waiting for me to be ready. 2012 ended with a huge lesson and 2013 has been followed up with relief, truth and honesty.
I can feel myself crashing against the other rocks, getting all polished and I can see them getting polished and shiny.

2013 I’m here.



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