I’m feeling inspired. It’s taken me up to 6 years to adjust and find my balance in my new family. I was a single mom of 1 child for 12 years, and it was not without hardship, but being a single mom of 3 has been a real challenge. I found myself wanting to be a “good” mother and play fair with their father. I let him contribute what (time/money) he can without demanding more. I was not in touch with the impact his resistance to step up had on me spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Part of my process of finding balance in these areas, was to let him go completely. I did not need to call or text to say I was letting him go. I just did.  Before letting him go, I had to let go of the anger, pain and resentment I was harboring by accepting that he is who he is, and our daughters are not enough for him to be more in his life. WOW what freedom. 

After this was complete, I had to accept that my bed is not my own. Their (my girls) bed is theirs and my bed is theirs. lol I love my girls.




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