When our child(ren) are born, they do no

When our child(ren) are born, they do not come with a manual. As new parents, or parenting alone, or with multiple children, we stumble, make plenty mistakes, and plenty gets accomplished. In the process we grow as humans, as parents and as members of society. We combine what we received from our parents with what we’ve figured out on our own, and hope for the best. In the end our children will take what they received from us and raise their families. Be mindful of what you’re passing down.
As a single parent of 2 small girls, and one adult daughter, my guiding force is love, and responsibility for the grown ups they will become.
So today lets take time to honor ourselves, our children, and the other parent of our children, because without them and us, our children wouldn’t be the lovely children they are.


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