When our child(ren) are born, they do no

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When our child(ren) are born, they do not come with a manual. As new parents, or parenting alone, or with multiple children, we stumble, make plenty mistakes, and plenty gets accomplished. In the process we grow as humans, as parents and as members of society. We combine what we received from our parents with what we’ve figured out on our own, and hope for the best. In the end our children will take what they received from us and raise their families. Be mindful of what you’re passing down.
As a single parent of 2 small girls, and one adult daughter, my guiding force is love, and responsibility for the grown ups they will become.
So today lets take time to honor ourselves, our children, and the other parent of our children, because without them and us, our children wouldn’t be the lovely children they are.


attn: Nonprofit leaders, I am looking fo

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attn: Nonprofit leaders, I am looking for government funding in the following areas: childcare, parenting, education, camps for children. Please send my links with info. thank you Adama

Growing up

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My adult daughter, has unofficially moved out of the house. Prior to this move, we had many many upsets between the two of us. I was emotionally drained and tired of her behavior over the past year. I was angry, and when she finally left (unofficially), I was worried about the people she left to be with. They were our biological family. 

What has happened is that I’ve found peace with her leaving. And although it is not official, meaning all of her things are here, and of course her name is on the lease, I feel that this is just what the Dr. ordered, and she’s safe, and I’m not worried. 

She’s 20 years old, and she needs this.


A mother’s love


First Year and long week

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Good Morning, 

I just completed my first year of Graduate school. It was a challenge, but I made it through. I got help from my daughter, Chadama and mom, Jackie. I could not have done it without them. I don’t often show or speak of gratitude because I get caught up in fairy tales of perfection. I often forget about time and energy and the many other things in our days that take away from us, and stops us from having the energy or desire to clean house literally once we’ve gotten home from a busy day, and still have little ones and husbands or wives to feed and check in with.

this week my younger sister and I had a huge falling out, and she has asked me to never contact her again. For me it was a truth that she has shown over the years with her sometimes in an sometimes out of my life, but there were so many things that she had not acknowledged before that i think are big for her. I was initially devastated, but I’ve recovered from the shock, and I know that there are things she needs to heal from. I hope that this is a starting point for her.  

Balance I think is a myth. I don’t need to make sense today of these feelings. I only want to acknowledge that we are at a cross roads. each and everyone of us. 


Good Day


So I have a child that really does

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So I have a child that really does not like following directions, and if something is in front of her that she doesn’t want to do, she will not. She’s almost 8, and I’ve gotten used to her crying spells (she cries for 40 minutes on average), which have gotten better since she was a toddler, but harder to deal with because she’s a lot older. She has zero coping skills or strong manipulative skills. I can’t yet figure that out, but she is VERY smart.

She had a dental appointment today, and prior to our arrival, she said, “momma I don’t want to go to the dentist, and when that try to open my mouth with the tool, I’m going to push it out with my tongue”. She made good on that promise. Her behavior was so upsetting that I cried, just a little. I feel that changes need to be made in how I discipline my daughters, and how I run my house. 

I’m coming to realize, that although it’s nice to be fare, I can not use a democratic method raising children. they need a strong leader, and sometimes even a dictator.  Today was the worse day with her. and that’s saying something. 

How did I punish her? I gave her a lengthy “time out” with a promise of double time if that happens again. 

I’m a single parent, and I’m tired. 

Based on your non-profit experience, wha

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Based on your non-profit experience, what skills or professional background of board members have best served a community organization?

If you could write anything above the wo

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If you could write anything above the word occupation, what would it be? ~Susan Scott, Fierce Leadership.
Good morning, Adama

Where will this choice land me?? I’m so

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Where will this choice land me?? I’m so excited about my next chapter…

It’s been a really long time since I’ve

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It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted anything. In honor of my children and mother, I want to write some thing. here it is:

S/O to my girls. My oldest, who I’ve had the longest, we’ve been through up’s and down’s more up’s then downs. I’ve taken her across the country and back 3 times. I’ve attended all her sporting events, replaced at least 6 pair of glasses and 5 phones all of which cost more than what I had. She was my easiest pregnancy and birth and child. She fooled me into taking on

Asha, my 2nd born. From birth she’s cried the river Nile. I was at the dr. every 2 wks my entire pregnancy, and her birth was PAINFUL. I found her soft spot. Asha is a very loving child who loves to cuddle, and eat, and cry. She’s a self proclaimed artist, and a penny-pincher. She’s my heart. I think her unique take on life makes me ever aware of whom I am. When I was pregnant with her, I asked their father for another one. He said “no”, but 16 months later

Kamilah, was born, 6lbs 4oz. my smallest child. I call her my little baby. She’s always slept with me. I’ve felt because she was so small that I needed to watch over her. At 6 she has claimed my very space. Her sisters think she’s the favorite, but she’s not. She’s just my little baby. She will not practice boundaries. What’s mine is hers. She has made it clear that she can and will not be shaken off my sleeve. 

These three daughters are my reason for getting up when I’m beat down. They are the reason I smile, laugh, cry, and have hope for the future of humanity.

This is my thank you to them for making the 5 letter word “mommy” the most special word in the spoken word vocabulary. Mother’s day is every day when you’re a mother. 


My Girls Only

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As a single parent, who is in-love with her children, I may have to come to terms with there being a limit to the contribution (time) I can offer an organization. In turn this might limit the amount of money I can earn, maybe!

I’m in Grad school, planning to apply for a PhD, and I work, so my time is a commodity that I need to distribute with thought and care. I see:

  1. Work as the most flexible necessity
  2. School as my fun, my time, my treat to self
  3. Family, my children, as my contribution to the earth, so they are my gift from God, but who they are to others depends on me and how loved and cared for they are.

 With this clarity, Saturday’s are for my girls only.