Being the only Parent
October 5, 2011

Today started at 6:35am, so that means I woke late. I calmly got my girls dressed, and there was no fuss and no muss.

Because the girls are in separate classrooms, but thankfully at the same school, I feel a little less connected than I did last year when I had 2 different location drop offs.

I called my dad, who’s in Tampa with his dying mother, and he heard the sadness in my voice. I wished that I had another parent in the house.  He said, “don’t be upset about what you don’t have, be great with what you have”. and “do not wish for something you might get and can’t handle or won’t like” lol. My dad I love him so, and my heart is filled with sadness for him as he sits by his mother’s side.

As  parent who is parenting alone, I’m doing a good job with them. The problem is where I am left.

Today will be here and gone. I will hug my babies and love what I have and what I don’t have.



Ending Sept 28, 2011
September 29, 2011

Today is my mother’s 57th birthday, and she’s in the hospital recovering from a nasty fall.  2 of my daughters and I visited her for a short time this evening.

This day began with us having an extra 15 minutes of sleep, which left us 35 minutes to get dressed and leave for school and work. The commute was quieter than usual. Usually one of my little ones find a reason to cry, and I’m rushing, not physically, to get them to school (those poor teachers).  With the quiet commute, I was able to be with my children for this short time we have before leaving them for 10 hours.

So the end of our day, was lovely. I so appreciate my mother, children and the teachers in between.