Money lost, fiath found
November 5, 2013

November 4, 2013: Today i went to the bank to get my rent out, on the bus I had to take a taxi from market and Castro to the girls school so i wouldn’t be late AGAIN…anywho, after stopping by my moms, i got to Safeway to get my money orders, and my rent money was gone. I lost $XXX. Unlike most of you, we’re living pay check to pay check. no husband and no BD doing much for us. this was/is a blow. I called a friend instead of reaching for something to not feel so upset. I didn’t call for money, I needed an ear. She drove to my apt this evening and brought me $xxx. God’s love should show thru your actions not your words. I’ll NEVER forget her kindness. feeling grateful and freakin upset.


November 5, 2013

I went to bed almost resolved about the lost money. What I know in my heart is that I believed it was lost for someone who needed it more than I. what I didn’t anticipate was the true lesson.  I have tears in my eyes. The power of God will not take you where his grace won’t keep you. I use God because most of you are familiar, but yesterday my 7 yr kneeled in front of our Gohozon without me, and chanted b4 we left the house.  And I know about belief, but faith comes and goes. At least it has until now.

This morning I went to button the top pocket of my coat, a pocket I NEVER USE, and my rent $$$ was sitting there quietly while I watch my LOVING HIGHER POWER show me that I need NOT WORRY ABOUT NOTHING! A lesson in Faith! If you have none, you’re not paying attention…!